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Jessica Rae Long, accused of sex in car with 15-year-old boy

Jessica Rae Long, accused of sex in car with 15-year-old boy

Jessica Rae Long, accused of sex in car with 15-year-old boy

It really looks like keeping a close eye on your kid’s internet activity should be a priority especially given the growing threat of online sexual predators. Of course some of those predators could be states away, but investigators also say that they may be even closer than you realize – some are even your neighbors. Like Jessica Rae Long, 32-year-old woman from Walhalla, South Carolina, faces a charge of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. Allegedly, she had roadside sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Deputies said investigators were contacted on May 4 about a Facebook message between the victim, a 15-year-old boy, and Long.
As the investigation continued, investigators determined that the two had engaged in sexual activity at least on two separate occasions on the side of the road, according to the sheriff’s office.

Long was released later on Thursday on a $10,000 surety bond. The sheriff’s office said the investigation is ongoing and they don’t outrule possibility that Jessica Long might habe engaged in sex acts with other teen boys too.

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Ashley Hall, Teacher Arrested For Sex With High School Boys

Ashley Hall, naughty teacher

Ashley Hall, naughty teacher

Ashley Hall, 33-year-old English teacher at Opp High School is charged with “two counts of a school employee engaging in a sex act or deviant sexual intercourse with a student under the age of 19.”

She was booked into the Covington County (Alabama) Jail on May 1.

She was released from the jail the same day after posting $700,000 bond, $350,000 for each count. Hall taught English at Opp High School, according to the school’s website.

Opp City Schools Superintendent Michael Smithart told Tuesday that Hall was placed on administrative leave with pay on Friday.

A student confided in a teacher, the teacher relayed the conversation to Smithart who said he then called the Opp Police Department to conduct an investigation. “Once we turned it over to the police, our focus became what was best for the students,” Smithart said. “The students are of utmost importance and our focus is on them and making sure they have what they need. Our high school is still about math and science and history and that is what we’re doing today and will continue to do.”

In February, three women were arrested in a week’s time for having sexual contact with teenage boys, according to MandI Harrison, Kristina Burroughs, and Tiffany Blair was each arrested on rape and sodomy charges. The reported male victims range from 13-to-15-years-old, the television station reported.

Notably, Hall is the fifth woman whom police in Opp have arrested for allegedly having sex with underage males.

A fifth Opp woman, 20-year-old Chelsea Alexandria Calhoun was also arrested this year for having underage sex with a boy, notes Cincinnati radio station WLW. Calhoun was charged with second-degree rape.

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Nicole Smith, 30yo Missouri Mom accused of sex with 12-year-old boy

nicole smith 01And another Naughty MILF – Nicole Marie Smith, 30-year-old woman from St Charles, Missouri, is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year old friend of her own child.

Smith is charged with Statutory Rape and Statutory Sodomy. A probable cause statement issued by St. Charles County Prosecutor said the woman and the 12-year old boy had indicated they were in love. Authorities believe he was the only victim.

According to St. Charles County Police the two performed sex acts on each other, including oral sex, and had full sexual intercourse while the woman’s youngster was in the home’s basement. A court document indicates the crimes occurred over a nine month period inside Smith’s home in the 100 block of Yankee Drive in St. Charles City. It is believed their relationship began when he was 11 years old.
Police say the victim’s mother uncovered text messages Nicole Smith allegedly sent to her son in which she professed her love to the victim and told him to erase the texts because she feared getting caught.
Smith does not have a prior criminal record, according to public records. She is not believed to be married.

Smith is being held on a $75,000 cash only bond. If she is able to pay the bond, she will not be allowed to have contact with the victim.

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Stacy Jones, 42yo woman accused of sex with 15yo male

stacy jones 01Stacy Jones, 42-year-old woman from Baker, Louisiana, was charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile after she admitted to police she had sex with a 15-year-old male.

Officers with the Baker Police Department were called out in reference to a carnal knowledge of a juvenile complaint. When the officer arrive, the teen’s mother told police her son had not been home all day and had received phone calls from people in the community saying her son was in a sexual relationship with 42-year-old Stacy Jones.
The mother confronted Jones with the allegations and Jones said she was indeed involved with her son and she did not think she would be able to leave him alone. The teen’s mother told Jones to leave her son alone.
Jones also told the mother she had been taking the teen to church for the past two years and it “just happened.”
The mother returned to Jones’ house around midnight, still looking for her son. Jones told the mother she did not know where the teen was.
The mother went home and called police. While waiting for the police outside, the mother saw her son walking from the rear of the home, from the direction of the street Jones lives on.
Jones was taken to the Baker Police Department where she initially denied the relationship with the 15-year-old, but later admitted the sexual encounter. She told police she was under the impression the teen was 16-years-old, not 15.
She was arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison where she is being held on a $20,000 bond.

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Iris Gibney, mother of three, accused of sex with teen boy

Iris-Gibney-01-350x387Iris Gibney, 42-year-old mom-of-three from Upper Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, was caught in November having sex with a teen boy in a car and now has been charged with several offenses related to inappropriate relations with a 17-year-old boy.

On Nov. 15, at around 8:30 p.m., Upper Pottsgrove police observed two vehicles parked in the lower rear parking lot of Hollenbach Park after the park was closed. When officers approached the vehicles, they noticed that the two people in the back seat of a black Mitsubishi were not wearing clothes and were engaging in sexual acts, police said.

As police approached, both the juvenile male and the woman, later identified as Gibney, stopped what they were doing and began putting their clothes back on. Police then asked the juvenile to exit the vehicle as Gibney proceeded to put on her clothes, according to court documents.

After asking the juvenile for identification, police asked him if the woman in the car was his girlfriend. The juvenile answered that Gibney was not his girlfriend and that he had met her at his high school football game. After being told why officers approached the car, the juvenile admitted to having sex with Gibney, police said.

According to police reports, this hot MILF also sent nude pictutes of herself to her toyboy. It’s not clear if the mother in heat had been fucking young boy longer, or if it was first time they had sex. Probably not, Naughty Neighbors is willing to bet that the cougar woman have been fucking with teen boy for longer time, and we would not be surprised if she has had sex with other teen boys in the neighborhood too.


Anyway, Gibney, who works at a chain of the luxury lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret, was freed after posting $50,000 (£32,000) unsecured bail.

According to news sources, Iris Gibney, who’s daughter attends the same school as the boy, said to officers when she was caught: “I’ve never been in trouble before. I can’t believe I did this. I have three children of my own — I am so, so sorry.” Yeah, she sure is sorry, as now she can’t continue having sex with young boys for a while.

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Joy McCall, busty Florida MILF had sex with teen boy in her car and in woods

Joy_McCall_8Some women just get so horny with the idea of having sex with young boys that it does not matter to them that they are mothers themselves – in a point of view of those young boys, thankfully many of these mothers who fuck teens are pretty hot looking and sexy, real life MILFs. Like in this case of Joy Leeann McCall who seems to have a nice big tits that her young lover probably loved to get in his hands – in many ways, Mrs McCall seems to be a real dream come true for a teen boy. Just think about it, while she is not exactly a beauty (still far from ugly), she has a nice curvy body with great big boobs, she’s horny, she just loves sex with teen boys so much that she just does not send naughty pics of herself to them, no she is ready and willing to fuck with a 12-year-old in the backseat of her car and in woods. So this 36-year-old woman from Ocala, Florida, pleaded guilty last week to three second-degree felony counts of lewd or lascivious battery on a child between 12 and 15 and as a result was sentenced to 10 years in prison on each count, but all three sentences will run concurrently, according to court records.

Joy McCall has lovely big boobs that her underage toyboy probably loved

Joy McCall has lovely big boobs that her underage toyboy probably loved

This slutty mother was arrested in February 2014 for allegedly engaging in sex with a 12-year-old boy. The boy’s mother contacted the Ocala Police Department to report that she believed her young son was sexually involved with an adult woman and that they had sex at least twice in January and once in February.

The boy told OPD Detective Mat Steckman that he began receiving Facebook messages from McCall. The messages “continued getting more heated,” according to Steckman’s report. The boy told him McCall sent sexy pictures of her waering underwear and texted him to meet her at the Paddock Mall.

The boy, who was the same age as McCall’s children, said she picked him up in the parking lot and she gave blowjob to the boy before they had sex in the backseat of her vehicle, according to the report. After fucking the boy in the backseat of her car, this horny cougar took her toyboy to woods where she again sucked his teen rod before they engaged in full intercourse again. The boy said he believes that was Jan. 13. The second encounter took place five days later when he took a bike ride and McCall picked him up in her vehicle and they had sex in a secluded, wooded area.

When Joy McCall was questioned by Ocala police and admitted that she had had sex with the boy, officials said. She worked as an associate at a major retail chain and attended the College of Central.

The relationship was exposed when the boy told a church friend about his encounters. The friend later told the victim’s mother.

The mother called the police and relayed the messages to them.

This mother in heat, who the boy referred to as “Ms Joy”, was sentenced to 10 years for each of the three charges of lewd or lascivious battery on a child between 12 and 15 but told the sentences would run concurrently.

Here’s couple of more hot pics of Joy McCall (sadly we don’t have the pics of her in lingerie that she send to teen boy):

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Notorious Female Teachers: Tonya Flink, 40-year-old woman who was accused of having sex with 4 students

Since the days of Mary Kay Letournea, teacher-student sexual relationships seems to have come more common – at least it looks like we get to read every other day about new case where a female teacher had been having sex with male student, and by the growing numbers of these cases, we are not as shocked as we used to be, some 10 or 20 years ago. Of course one can argue, that there have always been sexual relations between adult women and young boys, but you have to remember that teachers are paid to take care of kids, not to use (and abuse) them for their own benefits.

Still, there are every now and then been cases that stand out, as they are not just regular older women getting their rocks of with teen boys, or adult woman seeking sexual satisfaction from young boys. Some naughty female teachers just don’t seem to get enough sex from one male student, no it seems that they need to get sex with bunch of young guys. And sometimes that means even group sex.

Tonya Flink, teacher and a married mother, who had sex at least four of her male students

Tonya Flink, teacher and a married mother, who had sex at least four of her male students

One of these notorious naught female teacher cases was case of Tonya Flink, 40-year-old former computer technology teacher at Haltom High School,Fort Worth, Texas, who was sentenced in october 2013 to four years of probation for having sex with several students.

In a plea agreement reached with prosecutors in Criminal District Court No. 213, Tonya Flink pleaded guilty to two counts of improper relationship between an educator and a student. The counts involved two students. In exchange, Flink was sentenced to probation with deferred adjudication on each case.

The justice system doesn’t lack for stories of male abusers who get off with relatively light punishments. And it’s important to note that every story involving sex abuse is unique.

A search warrant affidavit said Flink performed sex acts had sexual relationships with at least four of her students during the 2010-11 school year. Flink, mother of three, began working as a computer teacher at Haltom High school in August 2007. She allegedly began having relationships with male students around Dec. 2010 by giving them blowjobs at school, while she was still married and lived with her family.

When we think of sex abuse, it’s the more traditional view of a male preying upon a girl – or less commonly, a male preying upon a boy. And there’s no denying that statistically, males tend to represent a smaller number of victims and a considerably higher number of sex abusers. But females can and do abuse boys – as did Mrs Flink, performing numerous sex acts with young boys while playing a role of loving wife and good mother.

One of the victims said his relationship with Flink developed while she was helping him to better his grades, when she stayed after school to help him with homework. It began as casual flirting and continued with his teacher began “pushing herself on him,” the warrant said. The teen told investigators Flink said she loved him and that she liked “young Hispanic kids like him.” She bought him clothes and other gifts and they did “everything you could imagine.” Phone records for one student indicate that he and Flink telephoned each other 850 times between December 2010 and May 2011, while Other records revealed hundreds of text messages. On numerous occasions, Tonya Flink would just show up at his house and knock on the back door looking for sex.

According to testimony by one student, Flink was described as ‘pushing herself on him’ before the pair’s sexual relationship snowballed into ‘everything you could imagine’.

At some point in 2011 Flink divorced, leaving her with a five-year-old child and another in high school and college. The student moved in with her some time later in her apartment in Bedford after graduating. The student’s parents contacted Haltom City police in September of 2011 after he confessed to his sexual relations and living situation with Flink. The student told authorities that he regretted his involvement with Flink, saying that it messed up his life. During the investigation, Haltom City detectives discovered that Tonya Flink had sexual relationships with at least three other students, according to the affidavit.

Abuse is abuse. Exploiting the power dynamic between an adult teacher and a teenage student is abuse. And the punishments for offenders should correlate, regardless of the genders of perpetrators or the victims. Thankfully, these days most of the female perpetrators end up as sex offenders.

Records show Flink resigned from her position at Haltom High in August, shortly before police launched a one-year investigation into her sexual misconduct.After Flink’s resignation she was hired at nearby Carter Riverside High in Fort Worth as a health science terminology teacher. She was suspended from that position when parents from Haltom High contacted school officials.





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